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 WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines:

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WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines: Empty
PostSubject: WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines:   WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines: I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2009 1:32 pm

Basic Rules & Common Sense

Rule 1:
Read the Rules. Know the Rules. Follow the Rules. Read it - Love it - Live It!!!

Rule 2:
All Advertisements are only allowed inside the Trading Corner forums. Direct or indirect promotions posted outside the Trading Corner forums shall be automatically edited, moved and/or discarded.

Rule 3:
All threads/classifieds violating the Trading Rules and Guidelines shall be automatically edited, moved and/or discarded by Moderators Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines

• This is a FREE service to all registered members of website. Please comply to the Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines.

• BLATANT ADVERTISING AND SPAMMING ARE PROHIBITED. This includes using the forum e-mail and Private Message system to spam other members & Guests.

• SCAMS AND FRAUDALENT ADS & CLAIMS ARE PROHIBITED. Threads violating this rule will be immediately locked and deleted. Offending members will be permanently banned immediately.

• Absolutely NO ILLEGAL, NO PIRATED and NO FENCED goods shall be allowed to be posted and sold in , You are responsible for all your actions. Posting of such will be automatically ignored and deleted.

• Admins and Mods have full discretion to edit, lock and delete threads without prior notice at any time.

• Auto-pruning of threads shall be exercised. Threads/posts older than 60 days shall be automatically deleted by the forum bots.

• A Private Message maybe sent to the offending member at the discretion of the moderator or admin.

• Proper sanctions shall be given to the offending party as deemed necessary by the Administration & Moderating Team.

• Admins & Mods have full discretion to edit and modify the Market Place Rules and Guidelines without prior notice at any time.

• By posting, it is deemed that you have already read and understood and accepted Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines on this Thread.

Posting your Ad Rules & Guidelines:
1. Do Not Post in ALL-CAPS. Don't use all-caps or special characters to draw attention.

2. Title thread must be brief and concise. Use a title that describes the content of your thead.

3. Specify all product details: Name, brand, price, size, quantity and other important particulars.

4. Provide your contact information: As the seller, Your name and contact number.

5. Specify delivery and payment arrangements.

6. Recommended size is 640 x 480 pixels. All bigger sizes will be deleted.

7. Do not post "TESTING" for sale posts to figure out if it's salable or not.

8. Spamming and Bumping are prohibited. Posts of this nature are not conducive to community spirit and are unwelcome.

9. If your item has been sold.. Please edit your title signifying it is SOLD. No need to have it locked by the mods or admins.

10. Using of bbcodes (color, size, b, u, i, etc.) to modify your post/thread is allowed.

11. Any violation of these rules will result to locking and deletion of your thread.

12. Most Important Rule : PLEASE BE VERY HONEST with the condition or conditions of the item/parts/Service that you are selling. Bad KARMA Has a Way of coming back at you.

Addendum Guidelines: For Thread Posters, Readers & Buyers.

1. Post constructively. Off-topics, Trolling and Flaming shall not be tolerated. All violating posts shall be deleted immediately.

2. If you want to know the last price or Haggle for a better price, PM the seller and not post on his thread "last price".

3. Beware of scams and fraud. shall not be held responsible.

4. Get to know the seller first before buying/negotiating or get feedback from Seller's former Clients.

5. For interested parties, All negotiations must be done by sending PM to the seller/author. shall not be held responsible for any and all transactions made thru this website. We welcome feedback regarding buyers or sellers. Any complaints and issues to be raised must be coursed through PM or appropriate complaint threads to any of the Admins and Mods. VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE TRADING CORNER RULES & REGULATIONS, ADDENDUM GUIDES & POSTING AD RULES AND ANY CONTENT ON THIS THREAD SHALL BE SUBJECTED TO APPROPRIATE SANCTIONS.

The Moderator

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WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines: Chill

WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines: Skelsig
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WWW.MBB-MUA.TK Trading Corner Rules & Guidelines:
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